PWA Audit

Test your website to see if it meets the PWA requirements

A checklist for your PWA

You should have a meta tag <meta name="viewport"> tag with `width` or `initial-scale`.
Have a service worker in your website, which helps your website to leverage the benefits of progressive web apps, such as working offline, add to homescreen, push notifications etc..
Sets a theme color for the address bar.
Contains some content when JavaScript is not available
Provides a valid `apple-touch-icon`
Web app manifest meets the installability requirements, so that browser can prompt the user to add your PWA to their homescreen.
`start_url` responds with a 200 when offline
Page load is fast enough on mobile networks
Redirects HTTP traffic to HTTPS
Content should be sized correctly for the viewport. If the width of your PWA does not match the width of the viewport, your PWA may not be optimized for mobile screens.
Manifest should have a maskable icon. A maskable icon ensures that the image fills the entire shape without being letterboxed when installing the app on a device.
Configure a custom splash screen. A themed splash screen ensures a high-quality experience when users launch your app from their homescreens.